Osphos is administered via intramuscular injection and should be evenly spread over three injection sites.

Osphos is a solution for injection. It comes packaged as a 15 ml vial and one vial is sufficient to treat one horse.

The recommended dosage is 1.8 mg of Clodronate Disodium per kg of bodyweight. Corresponding to 3 ml per 100 kg with a maximum of 15 ml per 500 kg horse.

Injection sites


Suitable sites for injection:

1 - Center of the lower neck

2 - Pectoral muscles

3 - Gluteal muscles


Repeat treatments


Osphos has proven efficacy at six months post-treatment in 65.4% of cases.

Treatment with Osphos may be re-administered at 3 to 6 month intervals based on recurrence of clinical signs.

Injection sites